Rules and Regulations

Welcome to Beach Road! Every effort is made to establish a peaceful and friendly atmosphere. Our Board of Directors has established ordinances and regulations governing our community. The following, while not complete, is a list of the more IMPORTANT ORDINANCES AND REGULATIONS you must be aware of. Equally important is that California Vehicle Codes (CVC) are enforced on Beach Road.



Guard Gate Direct Line – 949-496-1611

Patrol Officer Direct Line – 949-204-9957 / 949-204-9962

**Security Officers are instructed to NOT call residents after 9:00 PM unless there is an emergency

All homeowners are responsible for informing their guests of all the following rules and regulations.

1.  The SPEED LIMIT IS 15 MPH along the entire length of Beach Road and is radar-enforced. pedestrians/cyclists should always be given the right-of-way and speed must be reduced when they are present. CITATIONS FOR SPEED VIOLATIONS WILL BE ISSUED AND SENT TO ORANGE COUNTY MUNICIPAL COURT [CVC 22358.3 & Ord. 08-118]. ALWAYS YIELD TO OUTGOING TRAFFIC.

2.  NO PARKING IN THE FIRE LANE. The entire paved roadway is officially a FIRE LANE. Vehicles may park along curbs where there is a dashed white line. Vehicles parked over the line will be CITED OR TOWED. Ask security where oversized vehicles may be parked. [CVC 22500.1 & Ord. 16-110]

The Uniform Fire Code does not permit vehicles parking within a fire lane. Our community is fortunate that the Orange County Fire Authority has granted us permission to use a portion of the designated fire lane for street parking. Fire inspectors frequently conduct ‘drive-thru’ inspections. If the District becomes lax in enforcing this restriction, the community runs the risk of losing the privilege of street parking altogether.

3. NO STREET PARKING ON MONDAYS 7:00AM TO 1:00PM for Community Trash Collection.


4.  RESIDENTS AND GUESTS MUST PARK IN SPACES AT THEIR ADDRESS ONLY. All other areas are regarded as private property. VIOLATORS WILL BE CITED. Ask Security where extra vehicles can be parked. [CVC 22658 & Ord. 16-110, 13-202]

5. GUESTS MUST HAVE APPROVED ACCESS TO BEACH ROAD. You must either enter your guest names into DwellingLive Gate entry program or call the Gate Officer at (949) 496-1611 with expected guest names and your Beach Road address. Gate Officers may not call you. For the safety of all residents, guests must be able to provide your name and address to enter Beach Road. Owners are responsible for informing their guests of all rules and regulations.

6. PLEASE RESPECT EACH NEIGHBOR’S BEACH PRIVACY by not trespassing directly in front of their homes on the beach. Traverse the beach closer to the water line and not up near the homes.

7. PUBLIC ACTIVITY ON THE BEACH MUST BE CONFINED TO THE PUBLIC PORTION OF THE BEACH close to the mean high tide line, generally about 30 – 40 feet from homes.

8. BONFIRES MUST BE CONTAINED IN A CEMENT RING or metal container and at least 30 feet away from any structure. Nuisance smoke will require bonfires to be extinguished. CITATIONS WILL BE ISSUED FOR NON-COMPLIANCE. [Ord. 15-203]

9. DOGS MUST BE LEASHED ON THE BEACH OR ON THE ROAD and are never allowed on the public portion of the beach. [DP 10.04.010] DOG OWNERS ARE REQUIRED TO PICK UP THEIR DOG’S NUISANCE EXCRETA in public or other private areas. [DP 10.06.050 & Ord. 16-122]

10. NOISE ABATEMENT IS ENFORCED AFTER 10:00 PM. No loud noise and music after these hours. [Ord. 05-105]. Because our homes are so close together, it is important to be aware that noise can disturb your neighbors. The Dana Point Municipal Code clearly defines permissible decibel volumes during daytime and nighttime hours. Normal talking voices after 10:00 PM can sometimes exceed permissible levels.

11. FIREWORKS ARE NOT PERMITTED AT ANY TIME. This regulation is strictly enforced by the Orange County Sheriff and Orange County Fire Authority [PC 12301]. Homeowners are responsible for their guests. CITATIONS WILL BE ISSUED, AND FINES IMPOSED. Photos and video will be used to document violators.

12. JET SKIS ARE NOT ALLOWED WITHIN 100 FEET OF THE BEACH and cannot be launched from the beach. Harbor Patrol will be notified immediately and CITATIONS MAY RESULT. Photos and video will be used to document violators. No motorized water craft in public beach swimming areas.

13. TRASH AND GARBAGE MUST BE PLACED INSIDE TRASH CONTAINERS in the trash enclosures provided at your property. [Ord. 05-205]. Please do not use your neighbors’ trash containers without their permission.

14. NO MOTORIZED SCOOTERS, MINI-MOTORBIKES OR OFF-ROAD VEHICLES ALLOWED. California Vehicle Codes apply and drivers’ licenses will be asked for [CVC 38006]. Illegally operated vehicles or scooters may be confiscated and released to parents or police. RIDERS OF BICYCLES, SKATEBOARDS, RAZORS OR SCOOTERS UNDER 18 YEARS MUST WEAR A HELMET [CVC 27803 & Ord. 05-115]. The helmet law is a California State Law and the District Board is obligated to enforce California statutes.

15. EMERGENCIES. Do not call the gate office. CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY.

Please note that any Guest exhibiting a complete disregard for these rules and regulations through their actions and repeat violations, may have their privileges revoked or cancelled, up to and including access to Beach Road.